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“Under a moonlit sky, stories sway to my music’s rhythm, awakening memories of courage, friendship, and victory.” – R. LOAuthor – THE lobo Unico.

R. Lo Lone Wolf

R. LO is a highly esteemed US Army Infantry Veteran with a rich and eventful career spanning picturesque landscapes in Panama and vibrant locales in Belize, California, and Washington State. Throughout his distinguished military journey, he fostered invaluable bonds of camaraderie with exceptional individuals, leading to enduring friendships that are celebrated through annual gatherings, where cherished memories of shared experiences are fondly revisited.

Transitioning from military service, R. LO continued to contribute to the well-being of others as a dedicated guard at a juvenile detention facility. There, he ensured safety, upheld standards, and prioritized the mental health of the young individuals entrusted to his care. Seeking further personal growth and professional development, he pursued education in the fields of dental assisting and massage therapy. Eventually, R. LO embraced the path of an entrepreneur, leveraging his passion to make a global impact while supporting his wife’s illustrious military career.

Originating from the vibrant town of Brownsville, Texas, affectionately known as “On The Border By the Sea,” R. LO takes immense pride in his dynamic community. It is a place where rockets paint the sky, music permeates the air with energy, and tantalizing cuisine beckons visitors from far and wide.

Drawing from a profound talent for storytelling, R. LO attributes the allure of his narratives to the tapestry woven from his military service, lifelong dreams, and the imaginative wonders cultivated during his formative years on his grandfather’s farm. It was within the nurturing embrace of close family bonds and brotherhood that his storytelling prowess flourished.

Beyond his literary pursuits, R. LO assumes the role of a co-owner at iLO Multimedia, RGV, LLC, and proudly serves as the CO-Founder of The Authors Porch, a thriving platform that celebrates the remarkable journeys of authors. Immerse yourself in the captivating tales he weaves by exploring his world at